From one supervisor to another, “What the hell, lady?”

This post is not about writing, but rather the life experiences that can later inform it.

As some of you may remember, I currently have a position as the Graduate Assistant for the Rowan University Writing Center and in that capacity I act very much as a supervisor. I check the emails, manage schedules, and am there for my tutors in case they have any questions or concerns. Every day I approach my position as I want my superiors to approach theirs, by listening to my people, understanding what they need and want, and making sure they feel comfortable talking to me about whatever may be on their mind regarding work. I do my job in the most timely manner possible and I try. It’s really not that hard. I just act like a human being who, though I’m positioned higher in the University ranking, understands that I am no better than any other human being.

Apparently, not everybody has that mindset.

This morning I had a run-in with an instance of grave misconduct by a fellow supervisor (thankfully from a completely separate company and who has nothing to do with the University). I had to squash the desire to…phsyically correct her assumption that her staff (read: underlings) did not deserve consideration and understanding. I also desperately wanted to point out her tendency to email in ALL CAPS was a terrible life choice.

SO! I have decided that Handy Do’s and Dont’s for Effective Supervisors Who Wish to Avoid Being Despised is a necessary thing to create. I have chosen to use the examples from my encounter(s) with a single particular individual who, in my personal opinion, is the epitome of Bad Management.

Handy Do’s and Dont’s for Effective Supervisors Who Wish to Avoid Being Despised

  1. You, the supervisor, must follow the company rules just as closely as your employees. If they have to, you have to.
    1. Examples: Girl, toss the damn garbage can. Wipe down the damn counter. You’re not too good to get some dirt under those nails.
  2. Be punctual. Be early.
    1. Don’t show up an hour and a half late to your mutherloving shift and be surprised by your employee’s acidic greeting. They Pissed. They Hella Pissed. And You’re A Jerkface.
  3. Emails
    1. DO NOT WRITE THEM IN ALL CAPS. It reads as shouting. (*side note: Don’t shout at your employees) It is also rude, unprofessional, and so damn incorrect that I want to reach through my screen and strangle you with your poor life choices.
    2. Emails are impersonal. If you have a personal issue with a person, talk to them in person like a person.
    3. Do not slander employees in an email that is then forwarded to the entire chain-of-command. Don’t use names. Don’t use names while writing in all caps.
    4. You know what? Just don’t send emails. I hear phone calls are all the rage.
  4. Don’t be racist
    1. Example: “He got angry and went black on me.”
      1. Don’t say that.
  5. Spyware is not, in fact, a good thing.
    1. “But the computer, like, needs that.” You mean ANTI-spyware? Yes. It needs that…..please tell me you didn’t download anything.
    2. Don’t blame others for the Spyware you downloaded. “But it wasn’t me!” But you’re the only one with admin access to the computer, it LITERALLY can’t be anyone else.
  6. Don’t call 911 after a non-injury fender-bender.
    1. This has more to do with poor choices when under stress and in emergency situations than direct supervisor behavior. Call your insuranec company. Call a towtruck. Call the non-emergency number. Don’t call 911.
    2. PS: Upon calling 911, the officer/trooper will be angry upon arrival. He/She will have your car towed by the most expensive towing company for funsies. You will deserve it.

Such ends my rant. I am, beyond words, appalled that all of these were issues evident within days of encountering this individual. I fear all those placed in leadership positions due to this (and other) experiences. I hope, pray, will sacrifice a goat, for the dream that those like this individual will not rise to power. Sadly, all I can do is try to be better than that. Doesn’t seem that hard.


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