I Suppose I Should Get Writing

Well, I’m not dead.

You know, if that’s what you were thinking what with the absolute lack of blogging and such. To let you in on a secret, this beautiful blog was begun for a research project during my first year of grad school (this past Spring) and I slaved over it. I dedicated hours every day to my research, my blogging, and my goal of developing an article (and twelve other satellite projects) in order to develop my skills.

And get a passing grade. Obviously.

The good news? I passed! The bad was that the whole endeavor had left me sick to death of social media (neither Twitter nor Facebook escaped my fatigue) so I dropped this thing like a hot potato. I spent the summer updating the home page, writing for my own pleasure, and working as a nanny to two hyper little girls.

Now, the school year has begun again and with it, my love for telling strangers and friends alike of my weekly adventures.


To jump write in, I’m in my final (OMG IT’S ALMOST OVER) year of Grad school, steadily grinding towards my Master’s in Writing Arts at Rowan University. If you’ve ever been to grad school (or college, or seen a movie about college) there’s always a massive dissertation or portfolio or something that needs to be done.

I’m writing a book.

Right?!? I cried in fear and happiness, too, don’t feel weird. I’m in the beginning stages of developing a New Adult novel. That’s about all I can tell you about it, though, since I’m still in the shifty still-cementing-the-structure my-premise-is-supah-cool stage. I like to think of it as Stage 1-B, meaning that I’ve got the general idea and am now putting the first few thousand words to paper.

For my word count, I’m at 1,200 as of this morning, so I’m hoping to at least triple that by the end of the week. I’m aiming for between 700-1,000 words a day, or about two hours (whichever comes first) as I need to split my attention between this and my classwork.


I am now a Non-Fiction editor for Glassworks Literary Magazine, whose 9th issue just came out today! You can click here and see my name on the assistant editors list. I will be a full editor when the 10th issue comes out in the Spring. This is literally my dream come true! I’ve always loved editing, one of my many life goals to be an editor at a publication one day (meaning a career/paid situation), so I’m over the moon that Rowan offers such an opportunity for experience.

ALSO! Glassworks is currently accepting submission until December so go to glassworks.org and check us out! We accept literary nonfiction, fiction, poetry, media (meaning videos, songs, ect.), and artwork (paintings, photos, etc.)


I’m taking a vacation with my boyfriend up to New Hampshire on the weekend of the 24th, so any suggestions on sights to see or places to visit I’d love to hear them! I’ll certainly be keeping you up to date on that and all my other writing adventures.



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