Some Talking and Walking : Interview Updates

Yay! Talking to strangers! My favorite thing! (Said me never)

If you’re anything like me, a little introverted with a dash of adorably awkward, then the word interview chills you like a cold wind. But, part of my research goal has nothing to do with beauty pageants and a whole lot to do with personal (and professional) growth. In a strange twist of fate, I love talking with people. When someone opens up and tells their stories, it always holds my attention. It could be a woman sitting with me in the dentist waiting room, expounding on the hardships of two kids in different sports in the same season. Trivial as that may sound, its an aspect of life I have no experience with and I find these personal view points on everyday things to be rich in new understanding…and just plain cool.

Yeah. I’m a dork, a writing dork, and stories are my thing. 

So this all leads to my upcoming interviews (and my pending ones). As you may remember I put out my Search for Interviews post last week. I also sent the call out on my Twitter and Facebook. The response was immediate, which totally shocked me, but in the best way! I had several leads and two confirmed interviews within days! Honestly, it was overwhelming (see “introvert” comment above) but the excitement is real. Who are these amazing interviewees? 

Lindsey Petrosh : A former pageant contestant who has stayed involved, she has been so incredibly accommodating in trying to set up a meeting face-to-face. Close to my own age, this is an interview I’m looking forward to!

Veronica Brancato : This amazing woman was the first to create and get televised a National Competition, for the Men of the Country, in her search for one average drug-free American man who could be emulated by young boys. Pageants, she says, have had a huge impact on her life. If she is as amazing and bubbly as her daughter, this will be an interview to remember.

There are two possible interviews pending. They were leads provided by friends who knew people involved in pageants and either said they would contact them with the info or provided me with the contact info. I’m crossing my fingers! But also still in search of back ups just in case. SO! If anyone knows ANYONE involved in any way with pageants or pageantry, gimme a shout! Either E-mail me at OR find me on Twitter @JessicaROshea. Or leave a comment!

I’m ALSO still in search of someone willing to go on a walk. 

A Walk?

A walk. I have a few feelers out to see who would be willing to pace around the block with me, but I’m always open to suggestions! 

Already, my research has taken me above and beyond anything I’ve done before and these experiences will stay with me. I can’t wait to keep moving forward! Stay tuned for updates! 


3 thoughts on “Some Talking and Walking : Interview Updates

  1. I was equally surprised at how easy it was to find interview candidates once I started reaching out for people. I’ve already completed two in-person interviews, one “looking,” have another one scheduled tomorrow, and have emails out for online interviews that I’m just waiting for responses for.

    It’s rather pleasant to find that people are willing to spare their time just to talk to you and share their opinions. It’s not something us introverts are used to doing. I have a habit of responding to the question “How are you doing?” by saying “Hey, how’s it going?” and thus completely avoiding any need to talk about myself.

  2. Soo nice of you, lady!! I know this may sound crazy but all through school, I NEVER spoke to anyone. I always had my nose in a book or notebook. Once I graduated and started waitressing, I haven’t shut up since! haha! I must be making up for lost time. lol

    I think your writing is fabulous and I am so happy you are growing as you learn about this whole world of pageantry:) Can’t wait to read more!!

  3. “If you’re anything like me, a little introverted with a dash of adorably awkward, then the word interview chills you like a cold wind.”

    Ha! I got a real kick out of this because I am exactly like that lol. Your writing voice is very prominent and I love it. I can wait to read your final product of this project.

    On another note, I could totally see you writing for SNL or some kick-ass woman’s comedy show…um you could be like the next Tina Fey.

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