A Search for Interviews and Leads

For better or worse, Google is not the end-all be-all when it comes to research (though the company may argue otherwise). What I’ve reached is the end of the internet, where all my mouse finds are dead-end sites, contradictory info, and unfinished blog posts.

My hopeful search for my next pageant has ended in confusion, as the list of 2014 pageants I was working off of was…less than accurate. All of the surrounding states have crowned their Miss and Teen, which leave me to sift through the much smaller shows, the more notable of which do not happen until July or September. It may be that I just haven’t found my diamond in the rough, or perhaps a road trip out to Ohio is in order, but I don’t have the knowledge of where to find a jumping-off point.

Hence, my search for those who do have the know-how, the experience, or maybe just a few good stories to keep me moving.

Pageants are all about people, and until now I’ve been the only person on this adventure. Being able to speak to those who are a part or have been a part of the pageant world will give my search for understanding a new facet, a new life, and may knock down my metaphorical research wall. Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and of course, this blog, I will be sending out my call for pageant queens, coaches, contestants, directors, and even dress makers. My hope is to find those willing to pull back the curtain and show me the workings behind the glitz and glam.

If you or anyone you know has an interest in being interviewed, either in person or via E-mail/Twitter/Skype please contact me at osheaj14@gmail.com, or Twitter DM @JessicaROshea


4 thoughts on “A Search for Interviews and Leads

  1. I definitely feel you on the “dead end” aspect of this. I’ve had some issues zeroing in on people to talk to about the Native American part of my research, since the websites I’ve found are often inactive and outdated. The only “events” I’ve located that might be good places to visit are listed as tribe-only activities where an outside researcher isn’t likely to be welcome. I’ve still got a museum in Deleware to check out though (after one of my other museum options turned out to be closed down).

    Good luck finding people. If I find anyone who knows pageant stuff, I’ll send them your way.

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