Learn By Doing, Or In This Case, Going!

I am not looking find the Pageant Wiki and call it a day. That’s not what this research endeavor is about. It’s about gaining a new understanding of an aspect of my world that, previously, had been completely foreign. It’s about diving into the culture and the people so that, after surfacing, I can carry an authentic experience back to my readers.

That’s why I’ve compiled a tentative list of pageants I plan to attend, barring any serious conflicts. Before the list goes up, I want to say that wow there are a lot of different types of pageants. Child, Miss, Mrs, Teen, Personality, you name it and they’ve got a stage for it. In my list, I tried to get a little bit of everything, some of the larger pageants having several sections for different contestants. So lets see:

March 9th, the Broadway Dreams Pageant in New Brunswick, NJ. This one is fairly close to home and will be my first foray into the pageant world.

March 15th, I’m torn between the New Jersey USA Ambassador Pageant, which is in Toms River, NJ, and the Miss Teen, Miss, and Mrs. New Jersey International Pageant, located in East Brunswick, NJ. Both seem like great options, but I’m not sure which would suit my research better. I’ll base this decision off feedback and my own experience at the Broadway Dreams Pageant.

April 5th, the 2014 Miss Gloucester Pageant, in Gloucester, NJ.

April 12th-13th, the Personality Pageants National Finals, located all the way up at the Seven Springs Resort in PA.

Will I attend all of these? Most likely not, but these are the stages currently on my radar. I am, of course, always open to suggestion or comment, as I freely admit to my ignorance in this arena. So begins my journey!


One thought on “Learn By Doing, Or In This Case, Going!

  1. I feel like as we delve deeper into our research topics, mine will intertwine with yours. I never knew there were so many different types of pageants! So far in my research on female bodybuilding, I’ve come across various types of competitions–bodybuilding, physique, fitness, bikini, etc.

    I’m interested to see where your research takes you and how these types of pageants differ and intersect.

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